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Write up by Angela Dick


It was an early start, to check various fields of North Ronaldsay and Hebridean sheep before leaving

North Yorkshire by 6.30 a.m. Thankfully after an uneventful journey we arrived in time to stretch our

legs outside for a few minutes before entering the Village Hall, to be warmly greeted and offered

refreshments. This gave us the opportunity to chat to members who we had not met before and catch

up with folks we already knew. A very interesting talk on Bagot goats was to follow, given by Carole

Muddiman, who had been very instrumental in the recording and visiting herds of goats for many years.


A very frank and honest approach to the history of the breed ensued, after asking if any of the audience

had goats and how many of us had any experience of Bagots. We learnt that years ago the goats

markings were very much more varied than the very striking and characteristic markings that we

recognise them by now.


Following on from Carole, Peter Titley skilfully navigated us through the AGM, with lots of

apologies for absences, clearly demonstrating the interest in the Ronnies. The minutes of the 2018

AGM were read out and a few discussions arose including the presence of North Ronaldsay sheep at

the sales, which sales were recognised as Pedigree Sales, the use of an Upset price and the prices that

had been achieved at this year’s sales. Helen Brewis gave a summary of the year’s activities for

the Breed Fellowship, including an update on the RBST mutton project. Rita Peace, as Treasurer,

explained membership was just under one hundred and explained some details behind various figures,

presented in the ‘Statement of Funds’. A proposal to amend slightly the Mission Statement, was made,

voted on and accepted. After a few other items of ‘business’ on the Agenda were dealt with, we had

a lovely hot lunch. Thank you very much to the catering department for the day of Peter Titley,

Stella Lambert, Ed and Laura Lambert for all their efforts to feed and water us all, throughout the

day. After our lunch the fun began, in the shape of a quiz with Ed Lambert as quizmaster. We all

picked a number out of a bag, which dictated which team we were in. I joined a team which

happened to consist of all females. ‘The Gimmers’ seemed a suitable name for the team, even if

some of us were a little long in the tooth!!! After several rounds of really difficult questions, ‘The

Gimmers’ were victorious, so Holly Williams, Rita Peace, Clare Shevalan, Sarah Hannay and

myself each got a prize for our efforts. Further prizes were to be awarded for the craft

competition, which Carole Muddiman had accepted the challenge to judge who would become the

winners of each category. There were lots of lovely photos in both photographic categories to

choose from. After the 2018 craft competition, I had intended to do something with a Ronnie

fleece, but time evaded me, and I had nothing to enter. I will have to find the time before next

year’s competition!!!!! How ever there was a detailed felted picture and also a pottery sheep in

their respective categories. Each category winner, was then judged to give the overall

winner, who won the Bronze Ram trophy. The winning entry was an impressive photo by Keith

Street, of a mature ram standing close to his ewe. I am glad I did not have to choose the winner with

so many lovely enteries. The other presentations for the day were for the Ambassador of the Year. This is run to ascertain where Ronnies are seen ‘out and about’ at shows.

With points awarded for placings and also each class entry, these are collated by Clare Shevelan at the end of the show season, to provide a winner. At the beginning of the 2019 show season, my husband Stuart had a flock of one North Ronaldsay, Boulsworth Bonus – a gimmer searling, who attended three shows and was awarded a second and a third place in strong classes. So even with one animal, it is possible for the Breed to be seen out in public, who often do not know the breeds name, but know them as the

‘seaweed eating sheep’. Well done to Holly Williams who won the Junior Ambassador of the Year and Rita Peace who won the Ambassador of he Year for the adults. Rita also had a successful ear at the Champion of Champions show, winning both Champion and also Reserve Champion.Merchandise was available to purchase, for those ho wanted any early Christmas Presents. A raffle was also run, to raise funds, with so many prizes, that most people won a prize. Many thanks to all those involved in putting on a

very enjoyable day for the fellowship’s members and also for all the hard work that happens all year round, often behind the scenes to keep the fellowship running in order to give support and promote these great little sheep.